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Norcon Enema Bag | Rico Chiarelli
Added May 27, 2015

Norcon addition from PNB lighting designer
This piece was originally commissioned to be a public sculpture displayed in front of the Whitney Museum Box Office. After the sketch was submitted, the board decided the Museum did not want or need the PR nightmare that would doubtlessly arise by placing a 30 foot tall enema bag made of solid steel in full view of the public. (This is the kind of "art" you are tacitly agreeing to accept by paying admission to enter the galleries.) Rightfully, the artist R. Chiarelli refused any compromise and pulled the plug on the project.

-- Calvin Tomkins

The directional flow of this contraption has my alarums twitching; it appears, and I concur, there are no winners with this gambit. There can be no gambol with this gamble.

-- Juan Guapo