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The Hermann Saga: Box Office Fighting Fish
From those who once worked alongside this once great fish.

Hermann w. dirty water
Hermann Getting Water Changed

Deep in the tank of cloudy murk,
Our Hermann would often lurk;
Waiting, for land's sake,
For a little tetra flake
He'd get when we got to work.

There once was a fish in a bowl,
Who had but one aim and one goal,
To live life with glee
But then he met Bea
Who promptly sucked out his soul.

Hermann was once so proud-a
That his bowl was free of cloud-a
It became quite grim
The lights too dim
And now he's a bowl of chowd-a.

If you ever met a fish named Hermann
You probly saw him squirmin'
Around in his tank
And then he just sank,
And Worden delivered the sermon.

There once was a murderess named Bea
Who got a hold of our fish, you see.
There were no shouts
Just lingering doubts
Who will be next? You or me...?

If you ever need to buy
Two tickets priced way too high
Come and see Tim
But be careful with him
He's upset about Hermann and mean guy.

In fish years he was an octenagerian
Swimmin' around in his little aquarium,
His heart gave a shout
and then it went out
When Bea took him to the sanitarium.

There once was a pet fish named Hermann
Whose name was not Ronnie or Hubert
His main fame to claim aside from his name
Was the fact that he lived at the Shubert.

There once was pet fish named Hermann
Who lived a long life with mostly no strife
Til Bea cleaned his bowl which took quite a toll
Now Hermann's a fish we are a' mournin.

There once was a pet fish named Hermann
Who lived thru four seasons of drama and treason
The show must go on tho Hermann is gone
He took his last bow and final curtain.

Shockingly, the truth about Hermann's passing is finally revealed:

Hermann was a real fighter,
Bonafide box office insider,
But a fish can't swim
When the water from Tim
Is really just apple cider.

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