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Off to work | Johnny Wang
Added January 6, 2010

I miss it there. I wonder how big those boxwoods are now? I do know, however, how big the kid in the window is now.
How fond the remembrances of the meridians of yesteryear, a child's Kashi-tinged breath fogs up the storm door. And if two gigantic meatballs list quietly against the front stairs, all the fonder I say.

-- Cloudy Yams

I remember my father, readying himself to leave for work, telling me if I hurry up and get my shoes on I'll be able to go with him. After spelunking the hills of clothes and toys and stuff, so much stuff, I was able to locate my shoes and returned to find my father long gone. It was years before I saw him again; at least, that's how I remember it.

-- Stephen Stoner