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The Last Kiwi | J. Tangeman
Added February 17, 2010

In which file or cupboard did I secret that thing way 10 years ago? Not the kiwi, the post-it. Oh wait, you might still find the kiwi somewhere. Check behind the safe...
Words could only serve to cheapen this classic drama of man against nature. See?

-- Cloudy Yams

"When the Grinch Stole the Last Supper" always brings me to tears, especially the penultimate scene where the Grinch zooms out of town on his Chariot stuffed to the gills with loaves, bread, kiwifruit and wine. Calling Judas the betrayer just because he was unlucky enough to wake in the middle of the night for a bit of water and was too sleepy to stop the Grinch was always wrong. Jesus knew better.

-- Stu Jansen