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The Escape | Doc Austin
Added November 10, 2010

This is absolutely brilliant. It has range, subtlety, substance and that all important touch of madness. My only (small) complaint is that it does not look like an "escape" to me rather more like a "freaky moment in an alternate universe" or "iguana hand lady cries for the marshmallow mountains." But these are rather small complaints which I utter somewhat embarrassedly under my fetid breath.

-- Jessup Holmes

If it weren't for the benefit of scratch paper and pencil, Mr. Austin would surely be toiling away at some mechanized horror constructed to produce, with no small amount of whirring, sputtering, and wheezing, some such atrocity as a plastic kitty litter scooper or worse, a latex halloween mask in the likeness of some popular Hollywood film character currently dominating a national fast-food chains' marketing gestalt.

-- Cornell West

Looks lovely, like pornographic pokemon, but I've been laid off from job and as such, cannot discuss this genre until further notice.

-- Senator Quackenbush