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Answers | Ned Raw
Added February 17, 2011

That's the look my wife gets when she's about to go down.

-- Slim Whitman

Ned Raw is War Den backwards. War Den was a non-existent, although very probable, hard core band from Hartford Conn in the mid-nineties.

-- Pilleated Walker

"The eyes are the funnels to the soul" looked and sounded stupid, so they changed it to " to the soul" and this piece was shoved and forgotten into the bottom drawer of an empty desk in what is now an abandoned schoolroom for the blind in southside Chicago. In the same desk, there also resides a program from the school play performed on April 21st, 1987 and some large chunks of peeled ceiling paint. At this moment, these objects are still quietly sitting there, broken and forgotten. The attending silence, there in the drafty darkness, is deafening even now.

-- Evan Dando