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Added February 28, 2008

What can I say? Steven's a funny guy.
Charlie Brown has nothing on the mediocrity of his secret brother Steven. The myth of Steven as Charlie Brown's brother is only now seeing acceptance among those in the Peanuts community. Yes, Steven Brown, chained in the basement, occasionally getting scraps of food and a broken toy dropped to him via the laundry chute. The one shaft of light coming in through a hole in the wall is his only glimpse of the outside, where Charlie gets fooled by Lucy again in the backyard with the football. Even to Steven, the joke was unfunny after about the 5th time Lucy yanked away Charlie's hope.

-- Carl Orff

A creeping sense of dread prevails as I look onto this image. The feeling is similar to the one I experienced a fortnight ago when I awoke in my chambers to find that every last physical object (including my own person) had been rotated exactly 3 feet in a clockwise direction. The horror, the horror.....

-- Edgar Allan Wintyrs