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BLAH | Marcus Welter
Added May 7, 2008

Another pilfered Paint program file from the saved files folder off one of the sales window terminals.
I see a hanging chad.

-- Teagarden

Oh my god! The lines between negative and positive are blurred! One cannot decide which field is which! Reason has been thrown out the window! Abstract ideas pop into the viewer's mind willy nilly! Unless of course, this is an art deco floor plan. In which case the bathroom is too close to the den.

-- Ty Pennington

I grew up in a one stop-light town in America's prairie land. The two lane highway literally burst from the collection of dusty buildings we called "town" into the dry, scrubby landscape that spread out in every direction, quietly subjugating us. There was no "suburban collar" that eased the transition, no blanket of green lawns and squared-up single family houses to send you off nicely. No, it was just the rickety old Liberty drive-in movie theatre on your left - peeling maroon paint on a slumping wooden skeleton - and the massive green Quonset hut on your right. This square building made of corrugated plastic with a metal roof displayed a sign above its single-doored entrance that read "Putt Hutt". Inside one could stumble onto a few video games and a rubbishy looking mini-golf course, misplaced as if stored temporarily; the unfinished, cement floor spread out in a pool of grey, only occasionally interrupted by the press-board boxes that supposedly housed some manner of fun.

-- Carrington Frawley