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Added June 3, 2008

Pack your sack and hit the tracks.
On Tuesday, I was riding my bicycle through silicon valley (formerly a citrus grove, and formerly before that a place where native Americans danced and ate each other). Anyways, I passed a building whose sign said: "Resilience." The parking lot was empty except for a pudgy manager-looking man putting mahogany office stuff in his Benz. He seemed to be the last Resilience™ employee. I shouted in his general direction: "Not so resilient, huh?" He just sort of looked at me oddly, like I was an asshole.

-- Todd Utterback

I am thinking of Pete the Mailman, who would always show up to his second job in his "suit of mail" which featured light blue shorts with dark blue piping. He seemed forcibly happy almost in those days standing next to Paul, whose face was slowly melting (or so it seemed to me) serving Amoretto sours to indifferent hordes in evening clothes. Peter never noticed Paul's face, he just keep smiling, serving drinks.

-- Jed

Bastard! That's exactly what I was going to say.

-- Hanski