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DIY recording technique.
post-punk skater-surf instrumental rock & pedal steel country.

Scott Fujawa & Stan Tangeman & Carlos Forster | 2020

Discography, Videos

The Lungs Album, Spotify
The Lungs Album, Apple Music


Almost Drowned Album, Spotify
Almost Drowned Album, Apple Music


Shipping Receiving Album, Spotify
Shipping Receiving Album, Apple Music

2016 Digitized Video From 2000: Have You Seen Sam?

Fawn & Bisquit Album, Spotify
Fawn & Bisquit Album, Apple Music

Fawn & Bisquit Videos:


Kolob Album, Spotify
Kolob Album, Apple Music

Kolob Videos:

Scott Fujawa & Bill Evans | Stan Tangeman | 2012


Tel Aviv Album, Spotify
Tel Aviv Album, Apple Music

Video: Daydream Number Seven

2010: A 45
A Proper Funeral Song (Make it Last)
A Proper Funeral Song (Make it Last), Spotify
A Proper Funeral Song (Make it Last), Apple Music

2009: Dekade II: An album of new and old BluKomet

or listen to an album stream

Big Sur from Jason Rothe on Vimeo

08er, a movie


Scott Fujawa | Stan Tangeman | 2006

some MP3s from 2003-4 Singles:

Paddle in Deep, with S.Gibson aka Piedmont
Midlife... (with lyrics)

BetaPunks MP3 vinyl recordings straight off the needle:

Side-A, Song 1. Early Edition Skateboard
Side-A, Song 2. Found
Side-B, Song 1. Blizzard of '78 (Cabin Fever)
Side-B, Song 2. San Antone

Older Blukomet Albums:
Betapunks, vinyl, 2000.

BluKomet's Greatest Hits, 8-track tape, 2001.

Betapunks, CD from the vinyl, 2001.

Southern Pacific, 1999.

Scott Fujawa | Stan Tangeman | 1999

BlueKomet (EP), 1998.

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